Published: 05/05/2023 Updated: 11/15/2023
RINA (The Royal Institute of Naval Architects) Maritime Innovation Award is a recognition by RINA for contribution and acknowledgment of outstanding scientific and technology research and development in maritime technology areas like propulsion and hydrodynamics.
Hallvard Slettevoll received the award on behalf of STADT during the RINA Annual Dinner from RINA’s President, Catriona Savage on Thursday 27th of April in London. More than 300 RINA delegates and members took part of the event.
The RINA awarding committee arguments and statement for appointing of STADT as winner was:
“The award is made in recognition of the development of STADT Lean Propulsion® – a patented electric propulsion technology with a range of attributes never previously achieved in a propulsion solution.
It is an innovative, unique and patented stealth electric propulsion technology. Supporting the goals and requirements of the next generation of naval surface ships - as well as very obvious, commercial vessels and applications.
The STADT Lean Propulsion® system has features that has not been achieved in previous propulsion solutions. Its most impression feature being is its completely silent, stealth operation, which is already been adopted in a series of naval ships and commercial vessels.
The systems impressive efficiency comes from its very low power loss. At time contributing to lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.
A very very worthy winner”
“STADT is honoured to receive the 2023 RINA Maritime Innovation Award in a competition with other international and world leading design and technology companies. As a world leading institution and society for the Maritime Industry and universities all around the world, RINA’s award and approval is a recognition of our efforts, our technology and achieved results for propulsion excellence”, says Hallvard Slettevoll.


RINA – Royal Institution of Naval Architects is a world renowned and highly respected international professional institution and learned society whose members are involved at all levels in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of all marine vessels and structures. RINA was founded in 1860 in London. The Institution has members in over ninety countries, and is widely represented in industry, universities and colleges, and maritime organizations worldwide.
STADT - headquartered in Gjerdsvika, Norway, is an innovative manufacturer and system-integrator of Electric Propulsion solutions. The company has for over 35 years developed and produced several generations of AC propulsion- drive technologies and aims its solutions and professional services toward Commercial and Naval vessels of any size, due to its extreme scalability in power and voltage. STADT has launched its disruptive and 6th generation AC drive technology under the brand STADT Lean Propulsion®. The technology has proven very robust and reliant with an expected lifetime of +40 years. Proven low service and maintenance costs will secure ship-owners low operational cost over the lifetime for any vessel.