Published: 01/15/2018 Updated: 09/17/2019

During the last Work Boat Show in New Orleans, STADT AS of Norway signed an agreement with W.A. Technical Sales Inc.  to represent them in the Gulf of Mexico area.

This is part of a world-wide expansion of STADT`s sales team, targeting the maritime market globally. 

The STADT Lean Drive technology is an extremely reliable patented technology used for many kinds of electric ship propulsion solutions, where the power sources can be arranged in many ways and combinations, such as LNG, MDO, HFO, batteries and fuel cells for instance.

The drive technology is scalable from small to very high-power rating, in any voltage class from 230 V up to 15 kV, without  the use of  big and heavy transformers typically found in such systems  from competitors. The STADT Lean Drive is ABS approved and has been delivered to 16 vessels with ABS approval.

W.A. Technical Sales Inc. has for years been representing a variety of high quality maritime  products in the GOM, with a majority made in Norway. 

Bill Meyer, CEO at W.A. Tech. believes that the unique STADT technology with its remarkable track records world-wide, will have a major potential in the US in years to come.

STADT and W.A. Technical Sales team. From left CEO Hallvard L. Slettevoll
from STADT AS, followed by Joe Ball, and Bill Meyer from W.A. Technical Sales.

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