Why disturb perfection ?

 PWM (Pulse Width Modulated AC ) is an artificial waveform
    Created by DC to AC conversion via the transistor inverter
    Heat related issues both in drive and other equipment
    Represent a variety of disturbance issues - including:
              Common mode noise     
              Bearing currents
              Hidden failures, also on other equipment on the same grid


PWM is a complex technology, challenging installation, higher failure rate, will never be noise free




 STADT LEAN PROPULSION® is based on perfect sinusoidal waveform
    No noise - The STEALTH solution
    No disturbance
    No additional heat
    Perfect source  for AC motors


Simplicity, eased installation, reliability, efficiency


Customers experiences


«In the past, we were not able to use frequency inverters at all. All PWM inverters interfered with the sensitive equipment on board, and they have therefor been banned from marine environments».

Karl-Axel Olsson
Manager Electric Systems, Kockums ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems